NATS GUI for underground people.

Free and Open Source NATS management GUI. Easily manage your NATS core, streams and buckets, both from Desktop App or Web interface!

Connect to core NATS

Access core NATS Pub/Sub

  • Subscribe to subjects and receive real time NATS messages.

  • Publish messages directly from the UI.

  • Text, Json, Hex and much more formats available out of the box.

Manage your Streams

Manage your Streams

  • View streams state and tweak the configuration. You can even create new ones.
  • Access stream consumers and see infos about their status.
  • Query and filter streams messages. Need the one published one week ago? you got it.
  • Purge streams and remove messages in one click.
KV Store

KV Store at your service

  • View and manage existent buckets. Need a new one? Click.
  • View all the buckets entries and easliy add or edit them.
  • Seeing a strange value on that key? Open the key history and see whats happended.
Real-time collaboration

Connect to everything you need. At the same time.

  • Open mlitiple connections with different servers at the same time.
  • Customize the UI to fill your needs using detachable and completely indipendent UI cards.
  • Pin the favorite cards for blazing fast access your favorite connections.
  • All the main NATS authentication patterns are supported.

Work seamelessy using how many connections you need

Quickly add connections to different NATS servers

Each connection can then be detached to work in his own set of cards, allowing to operate in multiple connections at the same time.

Easily spot and subscribe to NATS core messages

Subscribe to subjects and receive real time NATS messages.

Use wildcards to discover subjects and subscribe to them in one click.

Find and compare the easy way

Easily find contents in messages, streams and bucket keys using the search bar and compare them pairing different cards

Pin and organize most used items

Sort and stack cards you use the most in the drawer to have them always at hand.

You can also pin favorites that will be always available keeping their state